Coeur d'Alene Team

Yes! Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene's only mission is to empower inclusiveness within our community. We are an Idaho-based 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donations are tax-deductible.


Yes, we welcome all supporters and participants to register an account. With your new account, you may complete your race application, RSVP to team calendar events, and more.


We welcome anybody to come and join us! Whether you're a local or a friend from afar, become a member for FREE!

You don't have to participate in races to be a member of our team. Your website experience is tailored to your role on the team.



Anyone who has challenges that prevent them from completing a race under their own power.

No! We welcome special needs athletes of all ages. This includes all available roles on the team.

Not a thing. We provide all the equipment, race entry fees, and a race t-shirt to all of our rider athletes. You just show up with a smile and we’ll take care of the rest!


Team Hoyt Coeur d’Alene strives to secure sponsors to cover our race entry fees. We will pay for your race so you just volunteer your heart and legs to our riders. We do ask for runners to buy their team shirts if they are able.

No, it doesn't! We have some fast runners and we have some slow ones. What matters is you sharing your time with our riders. Look at it this way: if you're slow you get to spend more time together laughing and having fun!

Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene participates in 5k's to marathons and even some triathlons. Consider checking out our Calendar of Events to see upcoming races and races from past seasons.

Calendar of Events

Friends & Volunteering

Absolutely! Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene always is in need of people to help with set up and tear down, package pick up, assisting the riders on race morning, and of course cheering!

Team Accounts

Team accounts registered before July 2020 are no longer available and have been replaced with the need for registering a new account.

Accounts registered before July 2020 must be re-registered.

If you believe this isn't the answer you're looking for, please get in touch with your Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene team representatives for assistance with your account.


We've included a few spots across our website to help you log into your account!

Look for a "Login" or "Join" button either on the page's header, footer, or mobile menu.

Or alternatively, use the link below to get there quickly!


Rider-athletes and parents should have their own separate accounts. We recommend first registering an account for yourself and completing your team application, if necessary for your role on the team.

Afterward, log out of your account and repeat the process for your rider-athlete.

As of Apr 2023, please note:

Our website developers have planned to add the ability to tie accounts together to make RSVP'ing to team events for you and the team member you're assisting quicker and easier. For now, you must log in to whichever account you wish to RSVP to an event.

Please contact your team leaders for assistance.

Your role on the team indicates your need to complete an additional team application online in addition to your account registration.

Don't worry, we'll let you know If this applies to you if you don't already know.

Your team application supplies team leadership with a few additional bits of information and is necessary to participate as a volunteer or race with your team.

We require team participators to renew their team application every 1 year to remain eligible for participating in current and future team calendar events.

Essentially, we request you check in on your account once in a while, and re-confirm the information you provided us previously so it remains up-to-date.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Absolutely! We encourage sponsorship of our team on an individual level, not just a corporate level.

Consider looking at our "Donate" page to learn about our one-time and re-occurring donation options.

Of course! Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene relies on your gracious donations to make our mission possible.

Consider taking a look at who's already sponsoring our organization, or clicking the link below to become a sponsor online.

Thank you for your consideration!

Become a Sponsor

We are excited to hear what you've got in mind! If you'd like to consider donating your business's services or Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene merchandise, please visit our "Become a Sponsor" page to send us a message regarding sponsorship opportunities.

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If you think for a moment you can't, remember, YES YOU CAN!


We are one of nine teams across the country created in the shadow of the famed duo Team Hoyt. Consider learning our history.

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Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations are tax deductible.
And the smiles are endless!